The overview of the project 9 districts of southern region were identified to be covered with the trainings

And the following are the districts

So far five districts already covered with high scores of marks in terms of measuring the impact over it, regarding to how the trainees are welcoming the initiative as well as the eagerness they always haveto learn ever since we conduct the trainings in 7 days in each district.


Mwanza was a District to unlock the training programme, whereby it was of good report

It offered us youths from different clubs to represent In the remarks of the District Youth Officer of Mwanza he said that ‘am really grateful with this initiative which BAF brought in our District for it will transform the lives of our youths in terms of capacity building and it has create a stream for our office to monitor the impact of these clubs will have

In terms of participation asepct, each district is giving 30 participants where by after gaining the knowledge and skills are being granted a certificate of participation

Mwanza ended the training with a day of showcasing  various creative activities, like taditional Dances,  theatre, stand up comedy and the trainees were given a room to show case what they have learnt in the areas of Visual arts, Poetry as well as Entrepreneurship  as it is a general concept of the training offered to them

Chichiri Cultural Troup concoured this event with their different traditional Dances as part of an inspiration to the trainees who were certified and and their performances spiced up the event 

The next District to concentate was Thyolo where BAF  specifically aproached Mount View School of Deaf Pertaining to the identifed vision and Mission of the training

In the concept of the programme we also thought of considering the youths who are in schools like primary and secondary in regarding to the areas where creative skills are mostly  originated from lower levels and they are always in need to be groomed. Mount View School of Deaf was one of the school identified to be aproached with this initiative on the other hand with an idea of maximising the Impact of the project since we touched to the vulnerability sector.We had an overwhelming feedback and results  from thyolo where by students proven that disability is not in ability

These are the tangible results from Mt view school of Deaf 

In a course of a week they managed to do paintings, produce cards made from locally source materials, as well as producing bracelets and necklaces.

The training is being undertaken by three facilitators where by each one is covering the given course as we look to our bigger picture of the programme. These facilitators are Mr Thomas Chibambo dealing with Entrepreneurship, Luckier Chikopa with Poetry , and David kachepa with Basics in fine Art

Fit for Life in Mulanje

Fit for Life in Mulanje.. Participants having group photo with the facilitators after being certified as verification that they have attended the training in all the days and attained the skills

The interactive aspect was so tight that made us to see the impact before we finish up the all days of training and the most interesting part with this area of Mulanje is that apart from various clubs from the surrounding took part, the teachers from one of the primary school also shed their interest and covered all the lessons of the training and the huge impact is there since these teachers have maximized their knowledge in the creative studies in which they teach in classes

As part of tangible results obtained in Mulanje, the youths have manage to learn on how to recite and write their poems, producing different crafts from waste materials which they can easily sale to surstain themselves in their daily living and since that there were different youth clubs which were opened the door to learn, they have gained knowledge on how they can manage their respective clubs in recommended in a way  of Maximizing their impact and how they can affect the corporate world as the subject of entrepreneurship touched to this area


Balaka is another District which has produced best results. The area we landed with this project its absolutely rural, where by the clubs which attended training testified that we had no hope on how we can come out with our skills, but with the coming of this programme has brought life to and perfect hope to our clubs and the group village headman received the initiative with warm welcome for he commended the impact wnich this kind of training has

The participants were so eager to gain the knowledge and other additional skills which also helped the facilitators to have more energy to over all the required areas per identified need

Another impact which the training has cultivated over  Balaka is that the clubs has surrounded Mvuwu camp which is frequently visited by the tourist from outside countries and they confidently brought an idea of coming up with art shop along the way to Mvuwu camp to sell their artworks (paintings which they have learnt) as part of collecting revenue to their respective clubs and this will also contribute to the economy of the country in terms of foreign exchange

And the final day was to exhibit and showcase what they attained from the training to the villagers; different chiefs around the village also came to witness the ceremony

And all the participants were certified The districts remaining are Chikwawa, Nsanje, Zomba and Mangochi.