Blantyre Arts Festival (BAF) was formed in 2009 and it is operating under the banner of arts and cultural development in Malawi. The founder and the Executive Director of Blantyre Arts Festival is Mr. Thomas Chibambo. It has been the leading organization in its field in Malawi. Blantyre Arts Festival responds to the need for development and to promote various sectors of arts and culture. BAF presents the best of Malawian creativity to the widest possible audience by organizing events, festivals, cultural exchange, local and international performances and creative trainings. BAF also provide social development training, capacity building and cultural awareness programmes.BAF is a registered trustee and it has full time employees and reach over 4,000 youth under its school program as well as to about 300 artists with training workshops every year. Through the audience building process, BAF has greatly improved its millage through its outstanding Blantyre Arts Festival corporate brand both on local and on international level. .
BAF do organize festivals in Malawi which accommodate various arts disciplines as a result creative industry in Malawi could be exposed to its fullest extent for local artists to have a chance for international exposure and artwork market. It promotes the positive side of the African continent and people, the beauty, vibrant, energetic, talented and inspiring men, women and the youth varied culture and the arts as an expression of life, hope and creativity.
BAF focuses on culture for development takes into account every aspect of life. It works with different segment of the community and all other levels of the society through training and exchange programs to commit to the social professional and economic development of the artistic needs.
Our aim is to equip the artists and the youth with the skills, information and tools to ensure their social economic well-being and their place in society.
Blantyre Arts Festival emphases on character professionalism as the attributes that will save the artists best in their continuing journey away from poverty, in the belief that as well as harnessing talent and controlling their mindset change, for the better future that allows such talent to be used for the good of their own world and that of the others.Blantyre Arts Festival is always held at the Blantyre Cultural Centre formally French Cultural Centre in the first week of October every year.
BAF do invite notable high profile artists across the global which do attract huge audience during the Festival.
BAF is hopping to have a larger audience this year due to its strong publicity drive it has planned. The other obvious reason is that BAF has created great exciting festival events with its stable corporate brand over the years and it has various media partnership both print and electronic.

Our Mission

To unify and promote Malawian arts and culture through interactive capacity building events that lead to their artistic liberation and socioeconomic empowerment.

Our Vision

A future where artists gain positive and visible recognition and are rewarded for their effort in a proactive development in the creative industries.


  1. To publicly promote the network and raise funds for Blantyre Arts Festival which will be always in Blantyre City but for all artists in the country and across the borders.
  2. To secure organizational partnership on local and internationally.
  3. To liberate the talent of the artists through entertainment, exhibitions, trainings, and capacity building events.
  4. To hold a flagship annual Blantyre Arts Festival events to profile the diverse range of creative artists.
  5. To use Arts and Culture activities as a tool for development and quantify to the MDGs of which Malawi is signatory.

To find out more about our Workshops and Programs And how to become a Volunteer


Every year we are finding professional Arts practitioners to conduct workshops in various Arts fields. Such as Theater, Photography, Poetry, Visual Arts, Music and many more. Workshops will be held for artists for free at all the venues of Blantyre Arts Festival activities. The Workshops are amongst others in Cultural Management, Arts Marketing, Arts Administration, Networking in order to improve the Artists professional skills.


Blantyre Arts Festival has set up three programs so far. First there is a school program which involves arts activities which are related to students school studies. To enhance the Arts skills to the Youths. Second is the outreach program for the townships. Performances of various artists are taken out to perform at places where it is usually hard to attend at cultural events. The reason is to give access to Arts activities for free to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to be part of the Blantyre Arts Festival activities. Another program is to organize trainings for Artists and Arts practitioners in various arts and cultural related fields.

Become a Volunteer at BAF

You want to get to know Malawi and you are interested in Arts and Culture. We are welcoming everyone who wants to be a part of the BAF-Team.

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